Credit-Debt Compilation

Low Credit Can Stop You in Your Tracks

When your credit suffers your suffer. Your report card will show lenders that your are a high risk client, and if they do decide to lend you anything they will do so at an extremely high rate. For instance instead of an advertised 0.0% APR your special case will get 18.0%! 

That's a huge jump, one that we don't think you deserve. So if you have any idea of what your credit score is and if you don't you should still contact Pinnacle Credit Repair located in your local Nashville area to help serve you best. We know the in's and out's of the process, and we know how to dispute aged bills, and more on your credit report.

Your Credit Report is NEVER Private

Don't fall into a lull thinking that the only people who are aware of your credit issues are yourself and your credit card company! It's not! The most important thing to remember here is that your credit report is the layout to the world that you should see and that others will see as well. We want you to become that credit person that  they want on their team. Right now your might have fair to poor credit-but do you even know why? If you have never looked at your yearly free credit report you should. Visit our resources page to find all the links you need to see in order to get your credit up to date.

Once there, feel free to query us to see what we can do to eliminate the seemingly insurmountable credit and debt relief issues you need to have.

You are not a bad person, just a good person caught in a bad situaiton. That's right-even though billers call and treat you disrespectfully we want you to know that we are ready to work with you. In fact, we are ready to show them that they have the wrong idea about your and everything you stand for. Your credit should not chain you to an invisible debtors prison-because that is what it does. Yes, you know that because you are living it daily. We are ready to help you overcome these issues now and get you to where you need to be in order to start working with better job prospects!

Our clients are always happy to work with us at Pinnacle Credit Repair because we are local, nationally accredited and professoinal. Not to mention the  fact that we use handy software that allows you to look at your own action plan and stay involved. Credit repair does not have to be overwhelming, we can help you become the credit/debt free person that you plan on being for the rest of your life! Plus we offer advice on how to stay that way throughout the entire process!

Contact us today for your free consultation, your credit will thank you and you will never, ever regret being free of creditors calling at all time of the day and night! We know that will be the first chain off your back!