What We Do

First, as we have said over and over we use our software to raise your credit score. We work with your creditors to relieve the debt burden on your account. We offer you state of the art software and other systems to make sure that your system is all set.

We create a fool proof software analysis to help you become the person you need to be. We offer you the most important  service that you can get. We give you the freedom to become a better person with accurate credit reports under your name and the ability to get your credit score raised in a mere matter of months.

We guarantee it! You will be so happy when it comes using us at Pinnacle Credit Repair, we know you will be because 100% of our clients already are!

Our Pricing

It's all based on a case by case basis, so the pricing is unique. If you would like to know how much it will cost to relieve your debt then contact us today for FREE. Again, no charge to find out how much your credit is worth.

Money Back Guarantee

IF you are not happy then we will refund your money in 6 months! That's right 6 months and we now you won't be able to refuse our 100% satisfaction guarentee.

Our Past Success Rates

Credit scores are fickle, and involve so much more than a simple "he owes us $120.00" type situation, in fact your credit score is impacted negatively each and every time someone takes a look at it. It's hurt every time you miss a gas payment or when your potential job refuses your application based on bad credit.

We are successful, we make your points go up and the problems go away. In some cases the results are clearly immediate and in others, the larger jobs we have to chip away.

Let us chip away at your debt today!