Credit School Academy

First, Congratulations on Wanting to Be A Financially Secure Member of the World!

Did you know that your bad credit can hurt more than just your ability to borrow money.  In fact, it can also hurt your chances of landing an apartment, a job, or renting anything at all! That's a huge problem and if you agree we have to say your should be contacting us at Pinnacle Credit Repair today! We are local (Nashville, TN) and are ready to help you repair these issues today!

How Does Bad Credit Hurt You?

  • Creditors call at all hours of the day and night from anonymous numbers
  • They call your work and your friends, your family
  • They send you letters and kill trees daily
  • They email you all the time
  • Jobs look at your low credit score
  • Lenders look away when you come walking in
  • Nobody wants to work with you!
  • Your credit wroth is extremely importnat to your entire well being.

What exactly is a credit score?P

Lenders look at you as a number, a number complied by the three major credit card companies (Experian, Transunion, Equifax). These numbers are computed mathematically to give you a final score from 300-850. The higher the score the better your chances are of getting a loan, the lower your score the worse for wear you are.

The standard credit score known as the FICO score was credited by the Fair Isaac Corporation, to give lenders a final idea of your credit score because it's compiled by all three credit repair companies. We are ready to remedy these issues and get you the credit fairness you deserve and want! Contact us for a FREE consultation today!

You Credit Score Goes From 330-850!

The whole idea is the hight the score the better your lending chances. You can easily access your credit report once a year for free. Visit our links page to see how.


There are many scores and attributes that a credit score is made up of:

- Payment Timeframe (35%): This accounts for 35% of your credit report, where lenders can see if you have ever paid anything back and on time.


Debt Ratio (30%): If you have a lot of debts then your are deemed risky, and most lenders will not take you on.


How Long you have had credit (15%): The longer you have had credit the better your chances of getting a loan.


- Credit that you use daily (10%): This credit score offers your potential lenders the ability to see how well or how horrible you are doing with the types of credit you have and they make a decision based on this.


New credit (10%): Lenders are on the lookout for a lot of new loan applications in a short period. That's viewed as posing a greater risk and will lower a credit score.